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Internship program offered by University Reformed Church in Lansing, MI

Be sure to check out the new internship program being offered by the University Reformed Church in Lansing, MI.

The program has four tracks:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Counseling Ministry
  • Campus Ministry
  • International Campus Ministry

For more information, please visit…/internship-prog…/

PRTS || 2018 Year End Update

In Conversation Series with Joel Beeke – What are you currently working on?

In Conversation Series with Joel Beeke – Man-pleasing in Church

In Conversation Series with Joel Beeke – Concerns over the Modern Church

In Conversation Series with Joel Beeke – The meaning of Regulative Principle of Worship

In Conversation Series with Joel Beeke – Calling into the Ministry

In Conversation Series with Joel Beeke – How did you become a Christian?

Four-Volume Reformed Systematic Theology

Today my teacher’s assistant, Paul Smalley, and I had the privilege of receiving from the publisher (Crossway) the first “mock” copy of volume 1 of our projected, coauthored 4-volume work of “Reformed Systematic Theology.” All the content is here, except for the indexes in the back. John MacArthur writes about this volume, “‘Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!’ This expression of praise from Paul’s great doxology is a fitting response to reading this wonderful work of doctrine and devotion. Though the Reformed faith is often caricatured as merely intellectual, this work demonstrates that Reformed theology is also profoundly experiential, as no chapter fails to move from theology to doxology. This resource will instruct the mind and inflame the heart. I highly recommend it and eagerly anticipate the forthcoming volumes.”

This first volume primarily covers the doctrines of revelation and of God and His attributes; it is scheduled for release in March of next year. Each of the volumes will be about 1250 pages, the Lord willing, and will cover each doctrine scripturally, doctrinally, historically, experientially, and practically at an educated layman’s level. If God spares us, we hope to complete this task in about four or five years, publishing a volume every twelve to fifteen months. Please pray that God will give us the strength for this task and mightily bless these efforts.