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Learn Greek or Hebrew at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.



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52 Weeks

Free 30-day Trial Period

Are you considering learning Greek or Hebrew in order to read the Scriptures in their original languages? Why not try out our online Greek or Hebrew course?

If you are not fully satisfied within the free 30-day trial period, simply request to be withdrawn from the course – no obligation, no questions asked.

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Read the Scriptures in their Original Languages

PRTS offers a total of fourteen (14) credits in online Greek and Hebrew language study; six credits in Greek, and eight credits in Hebrew. These courses do not require weekly meeting times or dialogue with other enrolled students, but are completed at the enrolled student’s own pace. Typically students will be given a maximum time-frame of 52 weeks within which to complete each online language course. It is highly recommended that students do not take Greek and Hebrew at the same time.

You are welcome to enroll in either language class as a visiting student of PRTS. If you are seeking to transfer these courses for credit, however, it is up to the receiving institution to determine if our courses will qualify for transfer of credit. Be sure to speak with your school’s registrar to determine if our courses will transfer.

Read the syllabi to find out what is required for online Greek I and online Hebrew I.

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