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Financial Aid / Scholarships

The purpose of our scholarship program is to provide a medium for donors to give funds for the support of seminarians, and for students to receive funds to assist with their theological education.

Our Funds and How They are Used

Why we Offer Scholarships

We want to help our students financially during their studies, and desire that they graduate with as little debt as possible so that they are ready to start their ministry positions. These scholarships are generously provided by donors in support of seminarians, and students are to receive these funds to assist with their theological education.

Types of Scholarships

We offer over $380,000 in scholarships to students each year. There are three main types of available scholarships: Need-based Scholarships, Matching/Merit-based Scholarships, and International Scholarships. Students are encouraged to apply for every scholarship for which they qualify.


After completing the required application form, students should send this form and any other required documentation to the seminary. Scholarship applications are to be submitted annually. The two deadlines for scholarship applications are:

June 1 (for a fall semester start)
November 1 (for a spring semester start)

When men are called and gifted by the Lord to minister within His church, financial constraints should hinder their preparation for ministry as little as possible.

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