Independent Studies

Independent Studies

Expectations of an Independent Study

Because the standards and deadlines for these courses are arranged between the overseeing professor and the student, they vary from course to course. Typically the student will listen to recorded lectures, taking notes as he or she proceeds through the course. Then the student will write a research paper and possibly a book review. Many of these courses have a midterm and final exam. The original language courses are also independent studies, but they work somewhat differently. Online language classes are broken down into lessons, each with their own assignment, vocabulary quiz, and grammar quiz.

Length of an Independent Study

Students enrolled in an online language course have up to one year to complete the course.  In all other independent studies, the student is given six months to complete the course (the deadline could be shorter if stipulated by the overseeing professor).

An Online Course vs. an Independent Study

In an online course, the student participates in an actual class of students who are taking the same course at the same time and following the same weekly schedule. In an independent study, the student conducts research independently and apart from an actual class of students.

Available Independent Study Courses

IS-111 – Online Hebrew I
IS-112 – Online Hebrew II
IS-211 – Online Greek I
IS-212 – Online Greek II
IS-311 – Ancient Church History
IS-313 – Reformation Church History
IS-411 – Prolegomena
IS-412 – Theology Proper
IS-415 – Soteriology

Other courses taught by resident faculty are also available upon request. Please contact the registrar for other possibilities.

Contact the registrar.