Live-streamed Courses

Live-streamed Courses

Live-streamed courses are synchronous with an on-campus course. In these courses, the student participates in an actual class of students who are taking the same course, at the same time, on campus. The distance student "attends" class when the class meets on campus, follows the same deadlines, contributes to group discussions, and can participate in the actual class itself. The only difference is that the distance student is not in the physical classroom; he or she participates via video-conference. If you are interested in seeing how this works, you can access a live demo of this below.

Live-streamed Courses for Fall 2019

BS921 - Issues in Old Testament Interpretation: Minor Prophets (Inner-Biblical Interpretation)

This course surveys recent interpretative and theological issues in the Minor Prophets as well as the theory and practice in inner-biblical interpretation. Discussion of relevant linguistic, philosophical, and theological issues is paired with interpretative workshops dealing with various books within the Twelve, focusing on their relation to one another and to the rest of the canon.

Meeting times: Fri. (bi-weekly) 10:00 – 12:50pm

CH920 - Documents, Doctrines, and Eras: Christology in Reformed Orthodoxy

This course makes a thorough investigation of the sources of Reformation and post-Reformation Christology starting in Scripture and moving through the patristics, Medieval theologians, and into the first generation Reformers.  The distinctions between Reformed and Lutheran Christologies are analyzed, along with variant forms of Christology from Roman Catholicism to Neo-orthodoxy.  Special attention is given to the Christology of John Calvin and the Puritan leader John Owen.
Meeting times: Tues. 1:30pm – 3:00pm

CH920 - Documents, Doctrines, and Eras: The Post-Reformation England (1603-c.1700)

The Post-Reformation in England provides an introduction to the theological, ecclesiastical, and pietistic contexts of Puritanism and English Calvinism during the Stuart period. Specific attention will be given to the most important theological developments and historical events in this period, including the an in-depth analysis of the theology of the Westminster Assembly, the English delegation at the Synod of Dort, the formation of the Authorized Version, Puritan preaching, and Puritan piety. A central focus in the course will be on students’ spiritual formation and how to apply historical theology in a pastoral ministry context.

Meeting times:  Wed. 1:30pm – 3:00pm

See a demo of the live-streamed courses.