Live-streamed Courses

Live-streamed Courses

Live-streamed courses are synchronous with an on-campus course. In these courses, the student participates in an actual class of students who are taking the same course, at the same time, on campus. The distance student "attends" class when the class meets on campus, follows the same deadlines, contributes to group discussions, and can participate in the actual class itself. The only difference is that the distance student is not in the physical classroom; he or she participates via video-conference. If you are interested in seeing how this works, you can access a live demo of this below.

Live-streamed Courses for Fall 2018

321a (MA)/CH849 (ThM)/CH910 (PhD) - Historical Figures and Thought: Augustine

A study of the life, theology, and influence of Augustine of Hippo, with attention to Augustinian thought in the Middle Ages.

Meeting times: Fri. 10:00 – 11:30am

CH852 (ThM)/CH910 (PhD) - Historical Figures and Thought: Francis Turretin

This course offers an in-depth study of the life and thought of Francis Turretin (1623–1687), considered by many the quintessential representative of Reformed orthodoxy. Primary attention will be given to Turretin’s magnum opus, his Institutes of Elenctic Theology (1679–1685). As even the title of this work demands that due diligence be given to contextual considerations, Turretin’s historical context within which he formulated his theology will be considered. Special attention will also be given to Turretin’s scholastic method, his prolegomena, his covenant theology, and his christology.

Meeting times: Tues. 1:30pm – 3:00pm

CH930 - Exegesis, Practice, and Preaching: Puritan Piety and Practical Divinity

Puritan practical divinity and piety was, perhaps, the most significant contribution of the Puritan movement to the Christian Church. This genre, their devotional works, were designed to expose sin, lead sinners to repentance, rebuke backsliding, and edify the Church. This course seeks to immerse students in the rich devotional literature and experiential theology of the Puritans through reading some of their most beloved works in order to understand their theology, piety, and practice regarding growing in holiness. It will also expose students to more recent scholarly literature, which shows the complexity and multifaceted nature of Puritan devotional works.

Meeting times:  Wed. 1:30pm – 3:00pm

BS921 - Issues in Old Testament Interpretation: Wisdom and Poetry

This course explores various facets of the OT wisdom and poetic books in light of recent research and Scripture. Topics covered include similarities and differences of other ancient Near Eastern poetic and sapiential literature, the relation of the wisdom literature to redemptive history and its place in biblical theology, and the shaping of the Psalter. Significant attention will be given to issues that arise in the interpretation of the Book of Job, particularly those bearing on its literary and theological coherence, contribution to theodicy and to an understanding of suffering, and its relation to other OT wisdom literature. Exegesis of primary sources and extensive reading and critical evaluation of secondary literature, coupled with an emphasis on the integration of theological, methodological, and practical components promotes the student’s advanced competence in theological reflection, research, writing, and teaching, as well as his spiritual transformation in relationship with the Triune God. (Hebrew-based course.)

Meeting times:  Fri. (meets bi-weekly); 10:00am – 12:50pm

See a demo of the live-streamed courses.