Online Courses

Online Courses

In an online course, the student interacts with a body of instruction with a group of other students. Students will watch recorded lectures, take online quizzes, and interact with other enrolled students as well as the professor via discussion forums.

Online Courses for Fall 2017 (enrollment has now closed for this semester)

232 - New Testament Introduction

This course is an introduction and survey of the books of the New Testament with a focus on questions of authorship, date, historical background, integrity, authenticity, and canonicity. The student will become acquainted with the main content and structure of each book.

417 - Eschatology

A study of the doctrine of the last things, including a treatment of the eschatological nature of the biblical message; death, immortality, and the intermediate state; the signs of Christ’s second coming, His return, and millennial views; the resurrection, final judgment, and heaven and hell.

702 - Hermeneutics

An overview of the history of biblical interpretation. A study of the principles and methods of the grammatical-historical and theological interpretation of Scripture. A treatment of the principles and practice of biblical typology, delineated from its excesses.

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