Online Courses

Online Courses

In an online course, the student interacts with a body of instruction with a group of other students. Students will watch recorded lectures, take online quizzes, and interact with other enrolled students as well as the professor via discussion forums.

Online Courses for Spring 2018

311 - Ancient Church History

A study of the developing theology, ecclesiology, piety, and worship of the Christian church from the close of the apostolic age to A.D. 600. Special attention will be given to main figures in the patristic age.

424 - Puritan Theology

An in-depth examination of some major themes of Puritan theology, including the Puritan view of Scripture, meditation, election, predestinarian grace, spiritual adoption, assurance of faith, sanctification, conscience and casuistry, church and worship, evangelism, and eschatology. Concluding lectures address the Puritan lifestyle that resulted from Puritan theology.

701 - Nature and Method of Biblical Theology

Introduction to the history, nature and methods of Biblical Theology and the discipline’s place and contribution to exegetical theology. Illustrations of the applications of the methods of Biblical Theology from both the Old and New Testaments. Prerequisite for 121, 122, 221, and 222.

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