Preparing students to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, and practical ministry.
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Benefits for Our Donors

Together, we are training students today for service in Christ's church of tomorrow.

Benefits for Our Donors

  • Establishing a will
  • Preparing estate plans
  • Planning lifetime gifts
  • Zero cost to the donor
  • Completely confidential
  • Certified accountants, attorneys, & financial planners

Complimentary Financial Consultations

PRTS works with the Barnabas Foundation to provide guidance and assistance to Christians of all ages and generations to help them grow in their understanding of biblical stewardship and experience the joy of living a generous life. Stewardship of our personal resources is an important biblical principle for all believers regardless of economic status or age.

When you sit down with Barnabas representatives and talk about the use of God’s resources, it becomes clear that God owns it all. We each have a responsibility to act as God’s stewards in managing His gifts to us. On behalf of PRTS, Barnabas Foundation provides financial planning and services without charge to those who support the seminary.

A scholarship to PRTS enables many to reach their ministry goals

Your gift allows our students to graduate with little or no debt.

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