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Donation Stories

Your gift to the scholarship fund is being used to advance the cause of Jesus Christ. Read these stories to find out how.

“The scholarship I received from the seminary made it possible to attend; without it I don’t think I would have been able to come.”

I heard about PRTS through a friend who was also interested in coming to PRTS; he also happened to be my teacher in seminary in Brazil. I also heard that the president of the seminary…

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“I can still scarcely believe the wonderful opportunity I had to study on a full scholarship at PRTS. My life has been transformed since attending.”

Before I attended PRTS, I did not have a comprehensive knowledge of what Reformed theology was all about, even though I came from a Reformed background. Today, I am able to propagate the doctrines of grace in various churches beyond lecturing at the seminary…

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“Whether you partner with the seminary financially or volunteer your time, your commitment is helping to bring the spiritual benefits of Reformed theology to many churches throughout the world.”

When I first came over to the States from Ethiopia in August of 2008, I enrolled in the Masters Program at International Theological Seminary. After studying there for one year, my desire was to transfer to another institution…

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New Passion - Another Donation Story

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