Our Donation Goals

The seminary’s near-term goals focus on a student housing project of sixteen apartment units.

Student Housing Project

As the seminary’s student body continues to grow, so does the need for affordable housing. In an effort to keep costs down for students studying at PRTS, the seminary’s leadership has approved a student housing project of two buildings containing a total of sixteen apartments.

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Income, Expenses, and Assets


Our Income

Investing in PRTS means supporting a seminary that is biblical, experiential, and practical. The graph above illustrates our different income sources.

PRTS 2017/18 Report

Our Expenses

We are very much encouraged that the Lord continues to bless our endeavors; without your generous gifts, much of what happens here on a daily basis would be greatly reduced in scale. The graph above illustrates our expenditures.


Our Assets

Most of our assets fall within our actual building and space. Having a place that is accessible to all allows us to carry on our mission.

PRTS 990

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