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Ways to Donate

Probably the simplest way to make a gift to PRTS is to write a check or make an online contribution. There are, however, other meaningful ways to contribute.

Giving Ideas

Donate Estate

Giving a tithe of your estate

When planning for the future allocation of your estate, you can use the occasion to reinforce the importance of the biblical concept of a tithe to your family. For example, if a couple with four children had an estate of $600,000, a tithe of the estate would provide $60,000 for charity and approximately $135,000 for each child.

Stewards Fund

Stewards Fund

The Stewards Fund allows you to make a one-time gift to Barnabas Foundation and decide later how you want to distribute the funds to your favorite charities. You receive an immediate tax benefit and have plenty of time to determine which charities you want to support.

"Child Named Charity"

The concept of a "Child Named Charity" actually was presented to Barnabas Foundation by a couple with charitable intent. They wanted to add a child named "Charity," to receive an equal share of their estate along with their children. Their desire was to give "Charity's" share to their favorite charities.

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