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Puritan Reformed Journal (PRJ)

Mission and Purpose of the PRJ

The Puritan Reformed Journal (PRJ) is a biannual theological journal of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. The purpose of the PRJ is to provide the church with biblically grounded and historically informed, Reformed experimental theology.

Subscriptions are available as follows:

1 year $25.00 (US) $37.00 (Canada) $45.00 (International)

2 years $48.00 (US) $72.00 (Canada) $88.00 (International)

3 years $70.00  (US) $105.00 (Canada) $130.00 (International)

Individual issue $13.00 (US) $19.00 (Canada) $23.00 (International)

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Distinctives of the PRJ

At least two things make the Puritan Reformed Journal stand out:

  1. First, the PRJ seeks to minister to the whole person by instructing the mind, warming the affections towards the Triune God, and changing the lives of its readers. The premise of the journal is that all theological study should bring us into closer communion with God, greater dependence upon Christ, and the pursuit of holiness through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Second, the journal seeks to minister to the church at every level. While it includes well-researched articles by respected scholars, the PRJ intentionally includes simpler and shorter articles designed to appeal to Christians of every level of growth as well. By providing this unique mixture of scholarship and popular studies, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary seeks to serve the church by narrowing the gap between the local church and the academy.

Our prayer is that the Lord would use the Puritan Reformed Journal to draw you nearer to the Father, through the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Criteria for Submissions

Article Submissions

Puritan Reformed Journal is looking for articles that combine scholarly precision with experimental piety. We accept submissions in every area of theological studies. Articles may be more scholarly in nature—particularly in the area of historical theology—they may aim at an audience of informed lay people, or they may include a combination of both. We encourage potential authors to consider the introduction to the journal and its purpose statement as they prepare their articles for submission. Articles should ordinarily fall within a 3000-6000 word range. Occasionally the editors will permit exceptions to this range at their own discretion. Footnotes should correspond to the criteria set forth in Turabian’s manual and authors should consult Reformation Heritage Books’ style guide available below. Authors are encouraged to submit articles through the seminary website (see below); alternatively, authors may use the contact information provided in the front cover of the current in print issue. Ordinarily, you will receive a response regarding the status of your submission within 4-6 weeks.

Book Review Submissions

The book review section of the PRJ is designed to match the general criteria of the journal. To this end we include short popular reviews (about 500 words) as well as longer more scholarly reviews (about 1000-1500 words). Popular book reviews should focus on titles that have been printed within the last three years and are still available. Longer reviews should be limited to books that have been published roughly within the last two years. In addition, the PRJ may include one or two review articles per issue. Review articles are limited to recent books that are of special significance, making this section of the journal highly selective.

Those submitting all types of book reviews should adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Ensure that you write a book review and not a book report. A review is more concerned with critical interaction (both positive and negative) with a book than with summarizing content.
  2. Reviewers are encouraged only to submit reviews on books that they have read in full. This aids in a more accurate and critically beneficial review.
  3. Book reviews should have a stated purpose. In other words, tell the reader why you recommend the book, or why you do not recommend the book. Book reviews should convey a sense of inherent significance with respect to their content. This should be in line with the Reformed experimental nature of the PRJ.
  4. Let the tone of critical reviews be positive and instructive rather than primarily polemic. If you criticize aspects of a book, then provide your reader with the positive solution to the problem.

Submission Form

Submit an article or book review by completing this form and attaching a Word copy of your submission. Be sure to read the relevant criteria for submissions.

  • Please provide a very brief bio of yourself (one or two lines).
  • Submissions must be in Word format
    Max. file size: 50 MB.

Submit an Article / Book Review to the PRJ

All submissions must be in accordance with the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards. Furthermore, all submissions must be in Microsoft Word format, and all authors ought to follow the strictures outlined in RHB / PRTS’s style guide.

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