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The Appointment of Dr. Richard A. Muller as Scholar-in-Residence

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary announces the appointment of Dr. Richard A. Muller as Scholar-in-Residence. Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary commented, “I am pleased and honored to announce that Dr. Muller has accepted the appointment of Scholar-in-Residence. I trust that, by God’s grace, this appointment solidifies the position of Puritan Reformed for biblical, Reformed, experiential, and practical theological education.”

Dr. Muller’s research and writing have been largely focused on the reassessment of the development of Protestant thought after the Reformation, with emphasis on the nature and character of Protestant orthodoxy and Reformed scholasticism in the seventeenth century. His expertise and knowledge will further broaden the offerings at the seminary and will complement our current faculty.

The newly established scholar-in-residence program enhances the engagement with our doctoral student community. The appointment of Dr. Muller will enhance the research endeavors at Puritan Reformed, as well as expand our publishing opportunities, and will be greatly valued at Puritan Reformed.

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