Preparing students to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, and practical ministry.
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Life at PRTS

Being a student at PRTS is much more than attending classes. For example, it is also about honoring God in your studies, forming lasting relationships, and preparing for the challenges of ministry. Find your place in our extraordinary community.

Study Within a Confessionally Reformed Environment

At PRTS, our primary desire is to teach you to become an ardent student of God’s Word in order that you may become an effective communicator of God’s Word. We are convinced that this commitment is best expressed within the confines of Reformed theology as outlined in the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards.

Since there is a pervasive impact of Reformed doctrine on all of life and on every aspect of the Christian ministry, the seminary diligently aims to expound, defend, and apply these goals and perspectives in every aspect of our institution.

“Whenever I preach or minister on any subject, I serve with a mind that is settled in the principles learned at PRTS.”

George Kalengo, '10

Are You Called to the Ministry?

Entering any calling in life should be a serious matter for prayerful consideration, searching of God’s Word, and keen observation of providential leadings. This is particularly true of the calling to the ministry, as a minister is called to be God’s ambassador to man.

For more information, review our study entitled “Are You Called to the Ministry?” which seeks to outline foundational concepts of the ministerial calling and training.

Are You Called to the Ministry?

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