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Puritan Reformed Journal (PRJ)

Mission and Purpose of the PRJ

The Puritan Reformed Journal (PRJ) is a biannual theological journal of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. The purpose of the PRJ is to provide the church with biblically grounded, historically informed, Reformed, experimental theology.

One to three year subscriptions are available, and former issues are available for individual purchase.

Distinctives of the PRJ

At least two things make the Puritan Reformed Journal stand out:

  1. First, the PRJ seeks to minister to the whole person by instructing the mind, warming the affections towards the Triune God, and changing the lives of its readers. The premise of the journal is that all theological study should bring us into closer communion with God, greater dependence upon Christ, and the pursuit of holiness through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Second, the journal seeks to minister to the church at every level. While it includes well-researched articles by respected scholars, the PRJ intentionally includes simpler and shorter articles designed to appeal to Christians of every level of growth as well. By providing this unique mixture of scholarship and popular studies, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary seeks to serve the church by narrowing the gap between the local church and the academy.

Our prayer is that the Lord would use the Puritan Reformed Journal to draw you nearer to the Father, through the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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