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Distance Education

Model Comparison

Attendance Model Distance? Synchronous? Cohort? Deadlines
On-Campus Varies
Livestreamed Varies
Online Weekly
Independent Study End of Study

Distance ✓: Students may participate without being physically present on campus
Distance ✗: Students are required to be physically present on campus

Synchronous ✓: Classes occur at preset times, which students are expected to regularly attend; lecture recordings are shared on-request only
Synchronous ✗: No classes are scheduled, so students do not need to attend a fixed meeting time; lecture recordings are shared online

Cohort ✓: Courses are taken by a group of students who complete the work on the same schedule
Cohort ✗: Courses are taken by individual students who complete the work at their own pace

Deadlines: When work is typically due to be submitted

In ALL attendance models, professors will share office hours during which they are available for visits or calls. Distance students may use these office hours in the place of physically meeting with the professor during/after classes.

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Supported Programs

Attendance Model Masters? (- ThM) Doctorates? (+ ThM) Certificates?
Livestreamed Embedded MDiv Only
Independent Study *

* Doctoral students may participate in “Directed Study” instead – see the academic catalog for more information

Residency Requirement:

While all programs support distance learning, we encourage students to take courses on campus when possible. The MA, Embedded MDiv, and certificate programs may all be completed via distance education only; all other programs require at least half of the coursework to be taken on campus.

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