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Financial Aid / Scholarships

Donor Support

In order to financially support our students, donors generously provide over $380,000 in scholarships each year. This enables more students to attend and graduate with less debt, allowing them to focus on their ministry positions. See the details below for a full breakdown of all available scholarships.

Apply for a Scholarship

Be sure to first apply to a degree program. Scholarship applications will ONLY be considered if you have been accepted into a degree program. Note: PhD students should not submit a scholarship application, as their program is already funded.

Admitted students may annually submit the Scholarship Application to request financial aid. Applications should be submitted by June 1 (for a fall start) or November 1 (for a spring start).

Discover how other students have benefitted

When men are called and gifted by the Lord to minister within His church, financial constraints should hinder their preparation for ministry as little as possible.

  • Need-based Scholarships

    The Perkins Scholarship

    $4,500 | 8 available/year

    For male MDiv students from North America pursuing ordained ministry

    The Owen Scholarship

    $4,000 | 2 available/year

    For MA students from North America

    The Ames Scholarship

    $4,000 | 2 available/year

    For ThM students from North America

    The Bradstreet Scholarship

    $4,000 | 2 available/year

    For female MA and ThM students

    The Flavel Scholarship

    $16,000 | 1 available/year

    For MDiv, MA, and ThM students with a physical or sensory disability (e.g., visual impairment)

    The Rutherford Scholarship

    Varied by year

    For international MDiv, MA, and ThM students

    T. S. Arthur Johnson Memorial Scholarship

    $7,500 | 1 available/year

    For students from the United Kingdom

  • Matching or Merit-based Scholarships

    The Sibbes Scholarship

    Up to $3,000 | 3 available/year

    For MDiv, MA, and ThM students whose church financially support their studies

    The Goodwin Scholarship

    $2,000 | 7 available/year

    For students that demonstrate a strong potential for ministry

    Church Matching Scholarship for DMin students

    Up to $1950.00 | multiple available

    For DMin students whose church financially support their studies

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