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Educational Effectiveness Statement

Educational Effectiveness Statement

– updated October 3, 2018

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS) is a relatively small institution with a relatively short history (first opening in 1995). The seminary is currently in the process of collecting data from alumni to determine the percentage of our graduates that are engaged in active service in ministry and how they assess their training at PRTS in preparing them for their current ministries. That data will be disclosed as it becomes available.

Available data does indicate, however, that PRTS enjoys success in achieving its educational objectives. At present, we have a completion rate of 68% for those matriculated into the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program; 39% for those matriculated into the Master of Arts (MA) program, and 65% for those matriculated into the Master of Theology (ThM) program (see charts below). Given the newness of our PhD program, we do not have data yet for this program.

Rate of Completion Chart

The large majority of our graduates have completed their respective programs in a reasonable timeframe. The following chart and graph indicates the number of students completing their program by length of completion (in years).

Length of Completion Chart

Most of our graduates have indicated in their exit assessments that they regard their training at a PRTS as contributing significantly to their ministerial or teaching duties. We have recently implemented a new Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ) that will better evaluate this, providing more concrete data. Also, approximately 10% of our graduates have successfully pursued (or are currently pursuing) further graduate studies, which testifies to the effectiveness of the academic training at PRTS.

Assessment of effectiveness is an ongoing process throughout each of the programs. Each course conforms to the overarching goals and mission of the seminary, contributing in some way to the mission and purpose of PRTS. In each class, students are evaluated to determine their grasp of the relevant issues. Currently, 98% of the student body is measuring above the minimum requirements for each degree program, indicating the effectiveness of the classroom setting to achieve the institution’s goals.

In addition, each student is under the care of the Dean of Students and Spiritual Formation for continual assessment of his overall preparedness for ministry. We believe there is more to the seminary’s effectiveness in training men for ministry than just academic competence.

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