PRTS is committed to providing affordable, solid seminary training to its students for the good of the universal church.

How to pay your tuition

  • Make a payment through Populi – PRTS’s online student software
  • Mail a personal check for the tuition amount to:
    Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
    2965 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49525
    (be sure to put “Tuition” on the memo line)
  • Call Mrs. Ann Dykema at 616-432-3404 with your credit card number
  • Make an online payment below.
Pay Tuition

Tuition Payment Schedule

Students are invoiced for tuition costs upon registration of classes; there are 4 payment due dates, as follows:

  • For the fall semester, tuition is due September 30
  • For the winter interim, tuition is due January 30
  • For the spring semester, tuition is due February 28
  • For the summer interim, tuition is due August 30

If payment is not received prior to the beginning of the following semester, or if an approved payment plan is not in place, the student may be prohibited from enrolling in further courses.

All Courses (except for PhD)


Per Credit Hour

Audited Courses (all degrees)


Per Credit Hour

PhD Tuition

Years 1-2: $10,000/year

Years 3-4: $2500/year

Years 5+: $1500/year

Tuition Refund Policy

For traditional semester-length or independent-study courses:

• Within two weeks, an 80% refund is granted
• Within four weeks, a 60% refund is granted
• Within six weeks, a 50% refund is granted
• After six weeks, no refund is granted.

For modular or intensive courses:

• Within 3–4 weeks prior to the first day, an 80% refund is granted
• Within 2–3 weeks prior to the first day, a 60% refund is granted
• Within 1–2 weeks prior to the first day, a 50% refund is granted
• Within 0–1 week prior to the first day, no refund is granted.

Notification of a dropped or withdrawn course should be provided by submitting a written statement to this effect (email is fine) to the seminary registrar.

Additional Fees

Special fees include the following:

• Application fee: $50 (refundable towards tuition if student is accepted)
• Accepted student deposit: $100 (confirming accepted student’s decision to enroll and is applied towards student’s tuition)
• Distance Education fee: $50.00/course
• 30-day extension for independent study courses: 20% of course’s tuition cost (can only be applied two times per independent study course)
• Late enrollment fee for returning students: 5% of total semester tuition cost.

Have questions? Give us a call at 616-977-0599.