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PRTS Article File

The following is a list of materials donated to the library by Dr. Benjamin Boerkoel, Sr. Print copies may be found in the audio-visual room of the William Perkins Library.

AuthorArticle TitleBook TitleJournal TitlePagesPublisherYearMonth / Issue
Adams, J.C.Alexander Richardson and the Ramist Poetics of Michael WigglesworthEarly American Literature/25/3271-2881990
Adams, J.L.AIDS Epidemic and Palliative, TheAn Examined Faith201-205Beacon Press
Akin, D.L.Bernard of Clairvaux: Evangelical of the 12th Century (an Analysis of his Soteriology)Criswell Theological Review/4/2327-3501990Spring
Aland, K.Johannes CalvinDie Reformatoren86-89Gerd Mohn1976
Albin, T.R.SpiritualityNew Dictionary of Theology, The656-658InterVarsity Press1988
Alex, M.God on BoardMoody/97/319-221997Jan/Feb
Alexander, E.J.Does God so Love the World?Coram Deo/15/115-61991November
Alexander, E.J.Glorification: Attaining the GoalTenth/10/364-711980July
Alexander, E.J.Regeneration: Beginning with GodTenth/10/311-211980July
Allen, T.Devotional Life, TheMethodist Review/60681-6931900September
Altepeter, Lawrence J.Asceticism of Menno SimonsMennonite Quarterly Review/72/169-831998January
Altizer, T.J.J.Atheistic Ground America, TheAnglican Theological Review/71/3261-272
Alves, C.Spirituality and Personal GrowthSpirituality for Today141-153SCM Press Ltd1968
Anderson, B.W.In Search of God's PresenceMoody/97/391997Jan-Feb
Anderson, G.W.What Today's Christian Needs to Know about the NIVNew International Version 741-35
Anderson, M.John Calvin: Biblical PreacherScottish Journal of Theology/42/2167-1811990
Anderson, M.W.Royal Idolatry: Peter Martyr and the Reformed TraditionArchive for Reformation History/69159-2011978
Anderson, M.W.Word and Spirit in ExileJournal of Ecclesiastical History/21/3193-2011970
Annesley, S.Covenant of Grace, TheMorning Exercises at Cripplegate181-201Thomas Tegg1845
Arner, R.D.Simple Cobler of AggawamEarly American Literature/5/33-161970/71Winter
Arnold, M.St. Paul and ProtestantismSt. Paul and Protestantism1-80Smith, Elder, & Co.1887
Arnold, T.Study of History, TheSouthern Quarterly Review/10128-1481846
Atwood, C.D.Introduction to Research on J.A. Comenius for American StudentsSeminarPrinceton Theological Seminary 1990May
Augustijn, C.Calvin in StrasbourgCalvin Theological Seminary1990
Augustijn, C.Erasmus and Menno SimonsMennonite Quarterly Review/60/4497-5081986October
Auksi, P.Simplicity and SilenceJournal of Religious History/10/4343-3641979
Aumann, J.Nature and Scope of Spiritual TheologySpiritual Theology13-35Sheed and Ward1980
Autore, J.C.Ominbus Christi Evangelium Religiose ColentibusCatechismus319-362
Axon, W.E.A.Cole, ThomasDictionary of National Biography274Smith, Elder, and Co.1887
Ayers, R.H.Langauge, Logic and Research in Calvin's InstitutesReligious Studies/16283-2971980
Baars, A.New Year's Message from John Calvin, AThe Messenger/353-51988January
Bahmann, M.K.Calvin's Controversy with Certain "Half-Priests"Hartford Quarterly/5/227-411965
Bailyn, B.Apologia of Robert Keayne, TheWilliam and Mary Quarterly/
Baird, H.Year of the Placards, TheRise of the Huguenots in France162-179
Baker, J.W.Heinrich Bullinger and the Idea of UsurySixteenth Century Journal/149-691974April
Baker, T.What is Conversion?Churchman/105/16-171991
Baldwin, C.We Pray, But Will God Heal?The Banner/129/3920-301994November
Balke, W.Word of God and Experientia according to Calvin, TheCalvinus Ecclesiae Doctor19-31J.H. Kok1980
Baly, A.J.Thanks be to God Anyway! A Spirituality of GratitudeAffirmation/7/123-291995Spring
Bardenhower, O.Johannes ChrysostomusPatrologie297-319Herdersche Verlagshandlung1910
Barham, F.Biblical Notes and Queries, Etc.Journal of Sacred Literature and Biblical Record/4468-4711864January
Barham, F.Biblical Notes, Queries, etc.Journal of Sacred Literature and Biblical Record/5432-4351864July
Barisic, S.Piety School. William and Mary Ranks as the Most Religious Public UniversityGrand Rapids PressB31996Nov. 9
Baron, H.Calvinist Republicanism and its Historical RootsChurch History/8/130-421939March
Barton, J.Introduction; Bible RootsStudy of Spirituality, The47-57Oxford University Press1986
Bartos, F.M.Wenceslas Budovec's Defense of the Brethren and of Freedom of Conscience, in 1604Church History/28/3229-2391959September
Basinger, D.New Calvinism: a Sheepin Wolves' Clothing, TheScottish Journal of Theology/39/4483-499
Bates, G.Typology of Adam and Christ in John Calvin, TheHartford Quarterly/5/242-571965
Batten, M.Spirituality and Living in This WorldSpirituality for Today61-73SCM Press Ltd1968
Battles, F.L.God Was Accomodating Himself to Human CapacityInterpretation/31/119-381977January
Battles, F.L.Introduction: True Piety According to CalvinPiety of John Calvin, The13-26Baker Book House1978
Battles, F.L.PrefacePiety of John Calvin, The7-11Baker Book House1978
Battles, F.L.True Piety According to CalvinPiety of John Calvin, The13-26Baker Book House1978
Bauckham, R.Sonship of the Historical Jesus in Christology, TheScottish Journal of Theology/31/3245-2601978
Baum, P.F.Logic and Rhetoric of Peter RamusModern Philology/46163-1711949February
Bauman, L.C.Spiritual Formation through the LiturgyChristian Educator's Handbook on
Spiritual Formation, The
99-110Victor Books1994
Bauman, MichaelJonathan Dickinson and the Subscription ControversyJournal of the Evangelical Theological Society455-4671998September
Baxter, J.S.Adjuncts of Guidance: Living in the Will of GodDoes God Still Guide?104-109Zondervan1968
Baynes, N.H.Idolatry in the Early ChurchByzantine Studies and other Essays116-143Athlone Press1955
Beales, R.W. Jr.In Search of the Historical ChildAmerican Quarterly85-105
Beardslee, J.W.Sanctification in Reformed TheologyThe New Man132-148Agora Books1973
Beeke, J.R.Balance in DoctrineThe Banner of Truth/54/35-7, 34-35, 62-631988
Beeke, J.R.Cultivation of Holiness, TheReformation Today/14910-161996Jan-Feb
Beeler, J.Bewitching: Rockfor Girl Acts Out Ancestor's ExperienceGrand Rapids PressB4199439179
Beisner, E.C.Restoring Sanity to our Tort SystemAntithesis/2/313-171991May/June
Berkel, F. VanFraneker als centrum van ramismeUniversiteit te Franeker424-437Fryske Akademy1985
Berkhof, L.Mystical Union Systematic Theology447-453Eerdmans1949
Berkhofer, R.F. Jr.Conceptions of TimeA Behavioral Approach to Historical Analysis232-242Free Press1969
Bernard, P.P.Jerome of Prague Austria and the HussitesChurch History/27/13-221958March
Berzonsky, V.Emmaus, with Jesus Between UsAshland Theological Journal 177-1991994
Besnard, A.M.Tendencies of Contemporary SpiritualityConcilium25-44Paulist Press1965
Birdsall, R.D.Reverend Thomas Allen, TheNew England Quarterly/30/2147-1651957June
Blackman, E.C.Biblical Idea of the Covenant, TheThe Presbyter/7/43-91945
Blair, H.On DevotionSermons264-305T. Cadell and W. Creech1785
Blair, H.On Drawing Near to GodSermons160-180T. Cadell and W. Creech1801
Blair, H.On Government of the HeartSermons29-53T. Cadell and W. Creech1885
Blair, H.On PrayerSermons398-426T. Cadell and W. Creech1801
Blair, H.On the Proper DispositionSermons24-44T. Cadell and W. Creech1801
Blair, H.On the Sense of the Divine PresenceSermons196-218T. Cadell and W. Creech1791
Blair, H.On the Union of Piety and MoralitySermons1-24T. Cadell and W. Creech1885
Blair, H.On Wisdom in Religious ConductSermons181-202T. Cadell and W. Creech1801
Blaising, C.A.Spiritual Formation in the Early ChurchChristian Educator's Handbook on
Spiritual Formation, The
21-36Victor Books1994
Blake, W.D.Establishment, TheAlmanac123
Bloomfield, M.W.Origin of the Concept of the Seven Cardinal SinsHarvard Theological Review/34/2121-1281941
Bluestein, G.Brotherhood of Sinners, TheNew England Quarterly/50/2195-2131977June
Bly, S.How in the World can we be Holy?Moody/96/717-211996May/June
Boerkoel, A.Calvin in the Light of the Three PointsStandard Bearer/547-48, 71-72, 95-96, 119-1201928/29
Boerkoel, Sr., B.J.CzechReformation Bibliography
Boerkoel, Sr., B.J.John--God's Beloved Disciple
Boerman, V.It's like a Walk in the ParkThe Banner/132/512-151997Feb. 17
Boice, J.M.Christ the CalvinistSword & Trowel/7/41,3,71975
Boice, J.M.Faith: Believing GodTenth/10/322-321980July
Boice, J.M.Union with ChristFoundations of the Christian Faith389-398InterVarsity Press1986
Bondi, R.C.Paradox of Prayer, TheWeavings/4/26-151989Mar/Apr
Bondi, R.C.Sanctification in the Tradition of Desert Father: A Methodist PerspectiveAsbury Theological Journal/
Bonino, J.M.Sanctification and LiberationAsbury Theological Journal/
Boorman, D.Reformers Before the ReformationAdding To the Church82-99Westminster Conference1973
Borges, P.Be HolyMoody/96/712Moody Press1996May/June
Bouma, C.Calvinism in American Theology TodayJournal of Religion/27/134-541947January
Bouman, H.J.Biblical Presuppisition for Church DisciplineConcordia Theological Monthly/30/7503-5151959
Bourke, V.J.Augustine of Hippo: The Approach to the Soul of GodSpirituality of Western Christendom, TheCistercian Publications, Inc.1976
Bouwsma, W.J.Calvinism as Reenaissance ArtifactCanvin Studies II21-28Davidson College Presbyterian Church
Bouwsma, W.J.Humanism: The Spirituality of Renaissance HumanismChristian Spirituality236-251Crossroad
Bouwsma, W.J.Spirituality of John Calvin, TheChristian Spirituality318-333Crossroad
Bouyer, L.Development and the Rhythms of the Spiritual Life: Illumination and UnionIntroduction to Spirituality261-285Desclee1961
Bouyer, L.Development of the Spiritual Life: PurifiactionIntroduction to Spirituality243-259Desclee1961
Bouyer, L.Eighteenth and Nineteenth CenturiesOrthodox Spirituality and Protestant and
Anglican Spirituality
169-212Burns and Oates1969
Bouyer, L.IntroductionOrthodox Spirituality and Protestant and Anglican Spirituality57-62The Seabury Press1982
Bouyer, L.Mystical Life, TheIntroduction to Spirituality287-307Desclee1961
Bouyer, L.Spiritual Life According to Catholic TraditionIntroduction to Spirituality1-23Desclee1961
Bouyer, L.Spiritual Life and the Word of GodIntroduction to Spirituality25-55Desclee1961
Bouyer, L.Spiritual Principles of the ReformersOrthodox Spirituality and Protestant and
Anglican Spirituality
63-98Burns and Oates1969
Boxer, C.Contribution of Monasticism to Spirituality in the World TodaySpirituality for Today103-116SCM Press Ltd1968
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Bradley, R.D.Failure of Accomodation, TheJournal of Religious History/12/123-471982
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Breen, Q.John Calvin and the Rhetorical TraditionChurch History/26/13-211971March
Brink, A.Unpardonable Sin, TheThe Banner/103/264-51968June
Brondos, J.A.Sanctification and Moral DevelopmentConcordia Journal/17/4419-4391991October
Brown, B.E.Spiritual Formation for Older AdultsChristian Educator's Handbook on
Spiritual Formation, The
258-268Victor Books1994
Browne, R.True and Short Declaration, ACongregationalist 1882
Brumby, P.Bringing Our Best in WorshipReformation Today/14921-241996Jan/Feb
Bryant, C.Nature of Spiritual Development, TheStudy of Spirituality, The565-567Oxford University Press1986
Bryant, C.Nature of Spiritual Direction: Sacramental ConfessionStudy of Spirituality, The568-571Oxford University Press1986
Buchalter, G.You Have to Please YourselfParade/Grand Rapids Press8-9200039112
Budgen, V.Life and Death of John Hus, TheReformation Today/11310-141990Jan/Feb
Bulgakov, S.Church, TheThe Orthodox Church1-8St. Vladimir's Seminary Press1988
Bultot, R.Theology of Earthly Realities and Lay SpiritualitySpirituality in the Secular City44-58Paulist Press1966
Burchill, C.J.Girolamo ZanchiSixteenth Century Journal/15/2185-2071984
Burchill, C.J.On the Consolation of a Christian ScholarJournal of Ecclesiastical History/37/4565-5831986
Burghart, W.J.ContemplationChurch/514-181989Winter
Burton-Christie, D.Cost of Interpretation: Sacred Texts and Ascetic Practice in Desert SpiritualityChristian Spirituality Bulletin/2/121-241994Spring
Busser, F.Spirituality of Zwingli and Bullinger in the Reformation in ZurichChristian Spirituality300-317Crossroad1987
Butin, P.W.Constructive Iconoclasm: Trinitarian Concern in Reformed WorshipStudia Liturgica/19/2133-1421989
Cadier, J.Calvin's View of the Christian LifeInternational Reformed Bulletin
Cadwallader, A.H.For a Living Anglican SpiritualitySt. Mark's Review/15711-181994Autumn
Calvin, J.Calvin's Goal of His Writings: unto GodlinessOn Piety
Calvin, J.Calvin's Seal116
Calvin, J.Calvinus GrynaeuCalvini Opera, Vol. 10402-406
Calvin, J.IntroductionInstitutes of the Christian Religion29-691959
Calvin, J.Knowledge of Faith and Knowledge of ExperienceCommentaries of Zechariah73Eerdmans1950
Calvin, J.Praefatio in Chrysostom HomiliasCalvini Opera, Vol. 9831-838C.A. Schwetschke et Filium1870
Calvin, J.Preface to the Commentary on the PsalmsCalvini Opera, Vol. 1Gustavum Eichler1836
Calvin, J.Publisher's Introduction: John Calvin and His Sermons on EphesiansSermons on the Epistle to the Ephesiansv-xviBanner of Truth Trust1973
Campbell, T.A.MoraviansReligion of the Heart, The91-98
University of South Carolina Press1991
Campbell-Jack, W.C.Common Grace and EschatologyScottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology/7/2100-1151989
Campbell-Jack, W.C.Prolegomena for ReprobationEvangelical Quarterly/61/139-501989January
Caputo, J.D.Hermeneutics and Faith: a Response to Professor OlthuisChristian Scholars Review/20/2164-1731990
Carson, D.A.Doctrinal Causes of Division in our Churches, TheBanner of Truth/2187-191981November
Carson, D.A.When is Spirituality Spiritual? Reflections on Some Problems of DefinitionJournal of the Evangelical Theological Society/37/3381-3941994September
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Cheeseman, G.Dynamic ChristologyThemelios/8/110-151982
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Chrysostom, J.Homilies 1 and 8, Against the JewsJews and ChristiansScholars Press1978
Chrysostom, J.Introduction to "Treatise on the Preisthood"Treatise on the Priesthood27-83Eerdmans1956
Chrysostom, J.Letter to a Young WidowNicene and Post-Nicene Fathers121-128Eerdmans1956
Chrysostom, J.Twelve Homilies on the Incomprehensibility of GodTa Euriskomena Panta/Opera Omnia Quae Exstant577-680Apun Gaume Fratres1834
Cifoletti, G.L'utilite Des Mathematiques Selon La RameeRevue Des Sciences
Philosophiques et Theologiques/
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Clark, R. Spiritual Formation in ChildrenChristian Educator's Handbook on
Spiritual Formation, The
234-246Victor Books1994
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Clenenin, D.B.Why I'm not OrthodoxChristianity Today/41/133-381991Jan. 6
Cleve, J.W. VanPreacher's Appealto the EmotionsMethodist Review/63410-4171903May
Clifford, A.C.Reformed Pastoral Theology under the CrossEvangelical Quarterly/66/4291-3061994October
Clive, J.England's Cultural Provinces: Scotland and AmericaWilliam and Mary Quarterly/11/2200-2131954April
Clogg, F.B.Abiding Standards. Grace and Law and the Christian LifeInterpretation/4/4416-4261950October
Clutton-Brock, A.Pooled Self-EsteemAtlantic Monthly/128/6721-7311921December
Clyde, R.J.Following Our Victorious LordChurch Ties/2/91-21999October
Coburn, J.B.New Mood in Spirituality, TheSpirituality for Today15-28SCM Press Ltd1968
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Coniaris, A.M.What We Believe about PrayerIntroducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith
and Life
189-207Light and Life Publishing Co.1982
Coniaris, A.M.What We Believe about Saints and the TheotokosIntroducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith
and Life
91-104Light and Life Publishing Co.1982
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Cornelis, E.Christian Spirituality and Non-Christian Spirituality and Non-Christian Spiritualities.Concilium 981-90Paulist Press1966
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Spiritual Formation, The
86-98Victor Books1994
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