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Post-Reformation Theological Research File

The following is a list of materials donated to the library by Dr. Richard A. Muller. Print copies may be found in the audio-visual room of the William Perkins Library.

Adams, Marilyn McCordOckham on Identity and Distinction
Abramowski, LuiseDie Synode von Antiochien 324/325 und ihr Symbol
Albert, KarlExodusmetaphysik und Metaphysische Erfahrung
Alluntis, Felix and Allan B. WolterDuns Scotus on the Omnipotence of God
Alston, William P.Substance and Trinity
Althaus, PaulNiedergefahren zur Holle
Amyraldi, MosisDe Ivredei In Creatvras Dissertatio
Amyraut, MoiseBrief Traitte de la Predestination
Anderson, Marvin W.Biblical Humanism and Roman Catholic Reform: (1501-1542) Contarini, Pole, and Giberti
Armstrong, A.H.Pagan and Christian Traditionalism in the First Three Centuries A.D.
Armstrong, B.M.Geneva and the Theology and Politics of French Calvinism: The Embarrassment of the 1588 Edition of the Bible of the Pastors and Professors of Geneva
Armstrong, Brian G.The Nature and Structure of Calvin's Thought According to the Institutes: Another Look
Armstrong, Brian G.The Story Told by Printers' Marks: From Offense to Defense: The Nature of Reformed Theology in Its First Century
Armstrong, Robert L.Cambridge Platonists and Locke on Innate Ideas
Ascol, Thomas KennedyThe Doctrine of Grace: A Critical Analysis of Federalism in the Theologies of John Gill and Andrew Fuller
Atkinson, David W.A Salve For A Sicke Man: William Perkins' Contribution to the ars moriendi
ATLA"Descended into Hell" bibliography
Aubert, HippolyteLa Conversion de th. De Beze a la Reforme
Aubert, PhillipeLa Predestination: Du Dogme au Principe
Axon, William E. A. and Axon, ErnestHenry Ainsworth, The Puritan Commentator
Babcock, William S.Augustine and Paul: the case of Romans IX
Babcock, William S.Augustine's Interpretation of Romans (A.D. 394-396)
Backus, IrenaL'enseignement de la logique a l'Academie de Geneve entre 1559 et 1565
Bacon, FrancisThe Works
Badr, Rev. HabibMedium Quiddam: The Problematic relation of general election and individual salvation in Calvin's theology
Bagchi, D.V.N.Sic et Non: Luther and Scholasticism
Bailleux, E.La Liberte Augustinienne et la Grace
Baker, J. WayneSoal Fide, Sola Gratia: The Battle for Luther in Seventeenth-Century England
Balke, W.The Word of God and Experientia according to Calvin
Ball, JosephLibre Arbitre et Liberte dans S. Augustin
Bangs, CarlArminius and the Reformation
Bangs, CarlArminius as a Reformed Theologian
Bangs, CarlRecent Studies in Arminianism
Barclift, Philip L.Predestination and Divine Forknowledge in Sermons of Pope Leo the Great
Barnard, L.W.The Antecedents of Arius
Barnard, L.W.The Background and Theology of a Second-Century Treatise of the Resurrection
Barnard, L.W.God, the Logos, the Spirit and the Trinity in the Theology of Athenagoras
Barnard, L.W.The Logos Theology of St. Justin Martyr
Barnard, L.W.Some Notes on the Meletian Schism in Egypt
Barnard, Leslie W.The Use of the Patristic Tradition in the Late Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries
Barnaud, JeanLa Confession de foi de Theodore de Beze
Barnes, M.R.Aynamil and the Anti-Monistic ontology of Nyssen's Contra Eunomium
Barnes, T.D.The Embassy of Athenagoras
Baron, HansThe Querelle of the Ancients and the Moderns as a problem for Renaissance Scholarship
Bartels, PetrusDie praedestinationslehre in der reformtin kirche von Ostfriesland bis zur Dordrechter Synode
Barton, Peter F. VonDie Exegetische Arbeit des Jungen Melanchthon 1518/19 bis 1528/29
Battles, Ford LewisCalculus Fidei
Battles, Ford LewisThe Sources of Calvin's Seneca Commentary
Baum, Guilielmus, Cunitz, Eduardus, Cuitz, and Reuss, EduardusIoannis Calvini:Opera Quae Supersunt Omnia
Baumgartner, J.Calvin Hebraisant et Interprete de L'angien Testament
Baur, F.C.Ueber Princip und Character des Lehrbegriffs der Reformirten Kirche in Seinem Unterschied von dem der Lutherischen, mit Rucksicht auf A. Schweizer's Darstellung der reformirten Glaubenslehre
Bavaud, GeorgesLes rapports de la grace et du libre arbitre
Baxter, AnthonyThe Term 'Archetype', and Its Application to Jesus Christ
Baxter, RichardCatholick Theologie
Bayer, OswaldThe Modern Marcissus
Beach, J. MarkDoctrine of Pactum Salutis in the Covenant Theology of Herman Witsius, The
Bear, CharlesThe Rise of Protestant Scholasticism
Beaton, Rev. DonaldThe "Marrow of Modern Divinity" and the Marrow Controversy
Beber, J. WayneHeinrich Bullinger, the Covenant and the Reformed Tradition in Retrospect
Beck, A.J. and Vos, A.Conceptual Patterns Related to Reformed Scholasticism
Beck, CarlDas Princip des Protestantismus (1851)
Beeke, Joel R.Personal Assurance of Faith:The Puritans and Chapter 18.2 of the Westminster Confession
Beeke, Joel R.The Order of the Divine Decrees at the Genevan Academy: From Bezan Supralapsarianism to Turretinian Infralapsarianism
Beeke, Joel R.Theodore Beza's Supralapsarian Predestination
Benoit, Jean-DanielHistory and Development of the Institutio: How Calvin Worked
Benton, W. Wilson Jr.Federal Theology: Review for Revision
Bernard, J.H.Descent into Hades
Berthold, Jr., FredFree Will and Theodicy in Augustine: An Exposition and Critique
Berthoud, PierreLa Connaissance de Dieu Chez Jean Calvin
Beversluis, JohnReforming the "Reformed" Objection to Natural Theology
Beza, TheodoreLa Confession de foi du Chretien, translated by Reveillaud
Bierma, Lyle D.Federal Theology in the Sixteenth Century: Two Traditions?
Bierma, Lyle D.The Role of Covenant Theology in Early Reformed Orthodoxy
Black, J. WilliamRichard Baxter's Bucerian "Reformation"
Blacketer, Raymond A.Arminius' Concept of Covenant in its Historical Context
Blocher, HenriCalvin Infralapsaire
Blondiaux, BenjaminLa Notion de la Foi D'apres L'institution Chretienne de Calvin (whole book)
Boh, IvanDivine Omnipotence in the Early Sentences
Bohatec, JosefGott und die Geschichte Nach Calvin
Bohatec, JosefCalvin et l'Humanisme
Bohatec, JosefDie Methode der Reformierten Dogmatik
Bohatec, JosefCalvins Vorsehungslehre
Bolt, John"A Pearl and a Leaven": John Calvin's Critical Two-Kingdoms Eschatology
New Catholic Encyclopedia Bonaventure
Bonet-Maury, GastonJohn Cameron: A Scottish Protestant Theologian in France (1579-1625)
Bos, E.P.John Duns Scotus (125/6-1308)
Boston, ThomasCommentary on the Shorter Catechism
Bottigheimer, Ruth B.Bible Reading, "Bibles" and the Bible for Children in Early Modern Germany
Boughton, Lynne CourterSupralapsarianism and the Role of Metaphysics in Sixteenth-Century Reformed Theology
Bouwsma, William J.The Two Faces of Humanism
Bozeman, Theodore DwightFederal Theology and the "National Covenant': An Elizabethan Presbyterian Case Study
Braekman, E.M.La personnalite de Guy de Bres
Bratt, James D.Covenant Traditions of Dutch Americans, The
Brandmuller, WalterTraditio Scripturae Interpres: The Teaching of the Councils on the Right Interpretation of Scripture up to the Council of Trent
Bray, John S.The Value of Works in the Theology of Calvin and Beza
Breen, QuirinusChristianity and Humanism: Studies in the History of Ideas (Three essays from this title including: Three Renaissance Humanists on the Relation of Philosophy and Rhetoric; The Terms "Loci Communes" and "Loci" in Melanchthon; John Calvin and the Rhetorical Tradition)
Breen, QuirinusHumanism and the Reformation
Breen, QuirinusThe Subordination of Philosophy to Rhetoric in Melanchthon
Breen, QuirinusThe Two-Fold Truth Theory in Melanchthon
Breward, IanWilliam Perkins and the Origins of Reformed Casuistry
Briggs, Prof. Eric R.Huguenot Struggles Against Calvin's Greatest Mistake
Brock, Sebastian P.The Gates/Bars of Sheol Revisited
Bruggink, Donald J.Calvin and Federal Theology
Brummer, VincentCalvin, Bernard and the Freedom of the Will
Bucer, MartinResume Sommaire de la Doctrine Chretienne
Buchheim, ThomasPotentialitat und Possibilitat: Modalaussagen in der Geschichte der Metaphysik (selected chapters from this title including: Petrus Abaelardus on Modalities de re and de Dicto / Michael Astroh; Avicenna and Averroes: Modality and Theology / Allan Back; Art and Possibility: The Rule Concerning Possibility in the Ars Lulliana / Charles Lohr; Duns Scotus on Possibilities, Powers, and the Possible / Peter King; Gottes ALlmacht und die Wahrheit Modaler Satze: Potentialitat und Possibilitat bei Wilhelm von Ockham / Matthias Kaufmann; On the History of Theory of Modality as Alternativeness / Simo Knuuttila
Burchill, ChristopherLe dernier theologian reform: Girolamo Zanchi
Buren, Alois Grillmeier S.J.Soteriologische und Christologische Motivierung der Descensuslenre in der Alteren Christlichen Uberlieferung
Burke, DavidThe Covenant in Puritan Thought
Burnes, Robert M.The Divine Simplicity in St. Thomas
Burns, Paul C.Hilary of Poitiers' Confrontation with Arianism from 356 to 357
Burrell, David B.Creation, Will and Knowledge in Aquinas and Duns Scotus
Burrows, Mark S.Jean Gerson after Constance: "Via Media et Regia" as a Revision of the Ockhamist Covenant
Busser, FritzThe Zurich Theology in Calvin's Institutes
Busser, FritzZwingi the Exegete: A Contribution to the 450th Anniversary of the Death of Erasmus
Butler, Charles JamesCovenant Theology and the Development of Religious Liberty
Buytaert, E.M.Abelard's Trinitarian Doctrine
Cadier, JeanLe Pretendu Stoicisme de Calvin
Calixt, GeorgDogmatische Schriften
Callan, Charles J.The Bible in the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas
Cameron, Charles M.Arminius: Hero or Heretic?
Campbell, GordonThe Source of Bunyan's Mapp of Salvation
Campbell-Jack, W.C.Prolegomena for Reprobation
Caplan, HarryThe Four Senses of Scriptural Interpretation and the Mediaeval Theory of Preaching
Causse, Jean-DanielLuther et L'angoisse de L'enfer
Chadwick, H.Ossius of Cordova and the Presidency of the Council of Antioch, 325
Childs, Brevard S.The Sensus Literalis of Scripture: An Ancient and Modern Problem
Chunu, Marie-DominiqueLe Plan de la Somme Theologique de S. Thomas
Clark, David W.Voluntarism and Rationalism in the Ethics of Ockham
Clark, R. ScottThe Catholic-Calvinist Trintarianism of Casper Olevian
Clarke, F. StuartArminius's Understanding of Calvin
Clarke, F. StuartArminius's Use of Ramism in his Interpretation of Romans 7 and 9
Clarke, G.W.The Date of the Oration of Tatian
Clarke, W. NorrisAction As the Self-Revelation of Being: A Central Theme in the Thought of St. Thomas
Clifford, Alan C.Calvinus: Authentic Calvinism a Clarification
Clifford, Alan C.Geneva Revisted or Calvinism Revised: The case for theological reassessment
Clipsham, E.F.Andrew Fuller and Fullerism: A Study in Evangelical Calvinism
Coccei, D. JohannisCatalogus Instructissimae Bibliothecae
Collange, J.F.Droit a la Resistance et Reformation
Collange, J.F.Philippe Melanchthon et Jean Sturm, Humanistes et Pedagogues de la Reforme
Cooke, Vincent M.Current Theology: The New Calvinist Epistemology
Corbiere, P.La Grande Affaire de MM. Testard et Amytraut
Cottrell, Jack WarrenIs Bullinger the Source for Zwingli's Doctrine of the Covenant?
Courtenay, William J.Covenant and Causality in Pierre D'Ailly
Courtenay, William J.The Dialectic of Omnipotence in the High and Late Middle Ages
Courtenay, William J.Nature and the Natural in Twelfth-Century Thought
Courtenay, William J.Necessity and Freedom in Anselm's Conception of God
Courtenay, William J.Nominalism and Late Medieval Religion
Courtenay, William J.Nominalism and Late Medieval Thought: A Bibliographical Essay
Courtenay, William J.Sacrament, Symbol, and Causality in Bernard of Clairvaux
Courtenay, William J.The Dialectic of Divine Omnipotence
Courtine, Jean-Francois.Le Projet Suarezien de la Metaphysique
Cousins, Ewert H.St. Bonaventure, St. Thomas, and the Movement of Thought in the 13th Century
Crisp, Oliver D.Jonathan Edward's God: Trinity, Individuation, and Divine Simplicity
Crombie, A.C.Science, Ootics and Music in Medieval and Early Modern Thought
Cross, F.L. The Council of Antioch in 325 A.D.
Cross, RichardDuns Scotus on Eternity and Timelessness
Cross, RichardFides et Ratio : The Harmony of Philosophy and Theology in Duns Scotus
Cross, RichardWhere Angels Fear to Tread': Duns Scotus and Radical Orthodoxy
Cross, Terry L.The Yoke of Necessity: The Use if the Terms Necessitas and Coactio In the Thought of John Calvin
Cullmann, OscarThe Tradition (of the Early Church)
Curry, CarlThe Theogony of Theophilus
Damrosch Jr., LeopoldHobbes as Reformation Theologian: Implications of the Free-Will Controversy
Daneau, LambertCompendium sacrae theologiae (Compiled Freylinghausen/Witsius/Daneau)
Danielou, JeanL'etat du Christ dans la Mort D'apres Gregoire de Nysse
Danner, Dan G.Anthony Gilby: Puritan in Exile: A Biographical Approach
Dantine, JohannesDas christologische Problem im Rahmen der Pradestinationslehre von Theodor Beza
Dantine, JohannesLes Tablles sur la doctrine de la Predestination par Theodore de Beze
Davies, BrianClassical Theism and the Doctrine of Divine Simplicity
Davidson, JackImitators of God: Leibniz on Human Freedom
de Felice, PhillippeLe Colloque de Poissy 1561
De Greef, W.The Origin and Development of the Doctrine of the Covenant
de Meester, A.Descente du Christ aux Enfers D'apres la Liturgie
de Vet, J.J.V.M.Jean LeClerc, An Enlightened Propagandist of Grotius' ,,De Veritate Religions Christianae"
Dekker, EefWas Arminius a Molinist?
Del Corro, AntonioMelanges
Delarue, HenriNotes Pour L'histoire de la Reforme a Geneve Avant Farel
Denning-Bolle, SaraChristian Dialogue as Apologetic: The Case of Justin Martyr Seen in Historical Context
Dennison, William D.Dutch Neo-Calvinism and the Roots for Transformation: An Introductory Essay
Des Places, E.Platonisme Moyen et Apologetique Chretienne au II(e) Siecle ap. J.-C. Numenius, Atticus, Justin
Desharnais, Richard P.Reason and Faith, Nature and Grace: A Study of Luther's Commentaries on the Sentences of Lombard
Desharnais, Richard P.Reassessing Nomalism: A Note on the Epistemology and Metaphysics of Pierre D'Ailly
d'Eszlary, CharlesJean Calvin, Theodore de Beze at leurs amis hongrois
Dhanis, T.L'Anti-Pelogianisme dans le "De Captivate et Redemptione Humani Generis" De Jean Driesto
Dickson, DavidThe Summe of Saving Knowledge with the Practical Use Thereof
Dickson, DavidTruths Victory over Error
Dictionnaire de la BibleDominicains (Travaux des) sur les Saintes Ecritures
Dictionnaire de Theologie CatholiqueCorrectoires de la Bible
Dictionnaire de Theologie CatholiqueInterpretation de l'Ecriture
Dictionnaire de Theologie CatholiqueRationalisme
Dienstag, Jacob I.Studies in Maimonides and St. Thomas Aquinas
Diestel, Dr.Studien zur Foderaltheologie
DiMauro, DamonAndre de Rivaudeau et la Bible
Donnelly, John PatrickItalian Influences on the Development of Calvinist Scholasticism
Dorner I.A.Das Princip unserer Kirche nach dem Inneren Verhaltniss der Materialen und Formalen Seite Desselben zu Einander (1841)
Dourley, John P.The Relationship Between Knowledge of God and Knowledge of the Trinity in Bonaventure's De Mysterio Trinitatis
Dowey, E.A.The Structure of Calvin's Theological Thought as Influenced by the Two-Fold Knowledge of God
Doyle, John P.The Suarezian Proof For God's Existence
Drayson, F.K.Divine Sovereignty in the Thought of Stephen Charnock
Drickamer, John M.Did Melanchthon Become a Synergist?
Droz, EugenieL'Originale des Chrestienes Meditations de Beze
Du Moulin, PierreEsclaircissement Des Controverses Salmuriennes On Defense de la doctrine des Eglises Reformees
Duckert, ArmandTheodore de Beze, Predicateur
Duclow, Donald F.Pseudo-Dionysius, John Scotus Eriugena, Nicholas of Cusa: An Approach to the Hermeneutic of the Divine Names
Dumont, Stephen D.The Origin of Scotus's Theory of Synchronic Contigency
Duncan III, J. Ligon, General EditorThe Westminster Confession into the 21st Century-Volume 2 (Essays Contributed)
Dunn, Catherine M.The Logike of the Moste Excellent Philosopher P. Ramus Martyr
Duns Scotus (selected and translated with an introduction by Allan B. Wolter)Duns Scotus on the Will and Morality
Duns ScotusThe Nature of Man's Knowledge of God
Ebrard, AugustDas Berhaltnik Der reformirten Dogmatif
Ebrard, AugustDas Verhaltniss der reformiten Dogmatik zum Determinismus
Echternach, HelmutThe Lutheran Doctrine of the "Autopistia" of Holy Scripture
Edwards, M.J.On the Platonic Schooling of Justin Martyr
Eldredge, LaurenceThe Concept of God's Absolute Power at Oxford in the Later Fourteenth Century
Emerson, Everett H.Calvin and Covenant Theology
Encyclopedia of PhilosophyRationalism
Engammare, MaxCalvin connaissait-il la Bible? Les Citations de l'Ecriture dans ses sermons sur la Genese
Engammare, MaxCalvin incognito in London: the rediscovery in London of sermons on Isaiah
Engelbrecht, B.J.The Problem of the Concept of the "Personality" of the Holy Spirit according to Calvin
Engelsma, David J.Calvin's Doctrine of the Trinity
Esser, H.H.Hat Calvin Eine "Leise Modalisierende Trinitatslehre"?
Etzkorn, Girard J.John Reading on the Existence and Unicity of God, Efficient and Final Causality
Evans, G.R.The Grammer of Predestination in the Ninth Century
Fairfield, William W.Arminius
Farel, GuillaumeDu Uray Usage de la Croix de Jesus Christ
Fatio, O.Presence de Calvin a L'epoque de L'orthodoxie Reformee, Les Abreges de Calvin a la Fin du 16e et au 17e Siecle
Fatio, OlivierTheodore de Beze ou les debuts de l'orthodoxie reformee
Fay, Thomas A.Bonaventure and Aquinas on God's Existence: Points of Convergence
Fernandez, GonzaloAthanasius of Alexandria and Liberius of Rome: Analysis of the Letter "Pro Deifico Timore" of Liberius in the Light of the Edict of Arles of 353
Fisch, HaroldCovenant Motifs in Seventeenth-Century Literature
Fischer, D.Calvin et la Confession D'Augsbourg
Fischer, D.L'Element Historique dans la Predication de Calvin
Fischer, KonradHinweise zur gotteslehre Bonaventuras
Fitzpatrick, Noel A.Walter Chatton on the Univocity of Being: A Reaction to Peter Aureoli and William Ockham
Fontan, PierreDieu, Premier ou Dernier Connu De Spinoza a Saint Thomas D'Aquin
Forestier, VictorCalvin: Exegete de l'ancient testament
Fowler, StuartFaith and Reason in the Period of the Reformation
Fowler, StuartThe Persistent Dualism in Calvin's Thought
Fraenkel, PierreDe L'Ecriture a la Dispute
Frank, William A.Duns Scotus' Concept of Willing Freely: What Divine Freedom Beyond Choice Teaches Us
Franks, R.S.Doctrine of the Trinity
Freddoso, Alfred J.Medieval Aristotelianism and the Case againstSecondary Causation in Nature
Freedman, Joseph S.Classifications of Philosophy, the Sciences and the Arts in Sixteenth-Century Europe
Freedman, Joseph S.Philosophy Instruction Within the Institutional Framework of Central European Schools and Universities During the Reformation Era
Freylinghausen, John AnastasiusAn Abstract of the Whole Doctrine of the Christian Religion with Observations (Compiled Freylinghausen/Witsius/Daneau)
Frost, Ronald N.Aristotle's Ethics: The Real Reason for Luther's Reformation?
Fry, C. GeorgeThree Lutheran Fathers of the 17th Century: The Search for Identity
Fuhrmann, Paul TraugottCalvin: The Expositor of Scripture
Fuks, L.Hebreeus en Hebraisten in Franeker in de 17th en 18th Eeuw
Fulton, John F.Michael Servetus: Humanist and Martyr
Funkenstein, AmosThe Body of God in 17th Century Theology and Science
Furcha, E.J.In Honor of John Calvin, 1509-1564
Gables, Ulrich and Herkenrath, ErlandBullingers Hermeneutische Lehre
GaelicGaelic Confession of Faith
Gagnebin, BernardL'Incroyable Histoire des Sermons de Calvin
Gamble, Richard C.Calvin as Theologian and Exegete: Is There Anything New?
Gamble, Richard C.Calvin's Theological Method: The Case of Caroli
Gamble, Richard C.The Christian and the Tyrant:Beza and Knox on Political Resistance Theory
Ganssle, Gregory E.The Development of Augustine's View of the freedom of the Will (386-397)
Garber, DanielHow God Causes Motion: Decartes, Divine Sustenance, and Occassionalism
Gardeil, A.La notion du Lieu theologique
Gardeil, A.Note (from Revue Des Sciences Philosophiques et Theologies
Gardy, FredericL'Inscription Commemorative des Eventements de 1535
Garrigou-Lagrange, R.Thomisme
Gass, WilhelmRecension Von Matthias Schneckenburger, Vergleichende Darstellung des lutherischen und reforrmirten Lehrbegriffs
Gatch, Milton McCormickThe Harrowing of Hell: A Liberation Motif in Medieval Theology and Devotional Literature
Geiger, L.B.Abstraction et Separaiton D'Apres S. Thomas
Geiger, L.B.Les Idees Divines dans L'oeuvre de S. Thomas
George, TimothyPredestination in a Separatist Context: The Case of John Robinson
Gerrish, B.A.Biblical Authority and the Continental Reformation
Gerrish, B.A."To the Unknown God": Luther and Calvin on the Hiddenness of God
Gibbs, Lee W.The Puritan Natural Law Theory of William Ames
Gilliam, ElizabethTo "Run with the Time" Archbishop Whitgift, the Lambeth Articles, and the Politics of Theological Ambiguity in Late Elizabethan England
Gilmont, Jean-FrancoisLes Sermons de Calvin: de l'oral a l'imprime
Girardeau, John L.The Federal Theology: Its Import and Its Regulative Influence
Godbey, John C.Arminius and Predestination
Goldingay, JohnLuther and the Bible
Gomes, Alan W.De Jesu Christo Servatore : Faustus Socinus on the Satisfaction of Christ
Goodspeed, Edgar J.The Canon of the New Testament (Interpreter's Bible)
Gordon, David and Sadowsky, JamesDoes Theism Need Middle Knowledge?
Gosselin, Edward A.Two Views of the Evangelical David: Lefevre d'Etaples and Theodore Beza
Goudriaan, AzaDie Rezeption des cartesianischen Gottesgedankens bei Abraaham Heidanus
Grabill, Stephen J.Historical and Theological Studies: Natural Law and the Noetic Effects of Sin: The Faculty of Reason in Francis Turretin's Theological Anthropology
Gracia, Jorge J.E.Individuality and the Individuating Entity in Scotus's Ordinatio: An Ontological Characterization
Grant, EdwardThe Condemnation of 1277, God's Absolute Power, and Physical Thought in the Late Middle Ages
Grant, Robert M.Ancient Period (History of the Interpretation of the Bible) - Interpreter's Bible
Grant, Robert M. The Chronology of the Greek Apologists
Grant, Robert M. The Heresy of Tatian
Grant, Robert M.Quadratus, The First Christian Apologist
Grant, Robert M.Scripture, Rhetoric, and Theology in Theophilus
Greaves, Richard L.John Bunyan and Covenant Thought in the Seventeenth Century
Greaves, Richard L.John Knox and the Covenant Tradition
Greaves, Richard L.Puritanism and Science
Greaves, Richard L.The Origins and Early Development of English Covenant Thought
Greco, JohnCatholics vs. Calvinists on Religious Knowledge
Green, Lowell C. Luther's Understanding of the Bondage of the Will in Melanchthon and Later Theologians
Green, Lowell C. Luther's Understanding of the Freedom of God and the Salvation of Man: His Interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:4
Greene, DonaldLatitudinarianism and Sensibility: The Geneology of the "Man of Feeling" Reconsidered
Gregg, Robert C. and Groh, D.The Centrality of Soteriology in Early Arianism
Gregg, Robert C.Cyril of Jerusalem and the Arians
Greschat, MartinDer Bundesgedanke in der Theologie des spaten Mittelalters
Grin, EdmondL'unite des deux Testaments selon Calvin
Grislis, EgilCalvin's Use of Cicero in the Institutes I:1-5 - A Case Study in Theological Method
Grotius, HugoThe Truth of the Christian Religion
Grudem, WayneChrist Preaching Through Noah
Grudem, WayneHe Did Not Descent into Hell: A Plea for Following Scripture Instead of the Apostles' Creed
Guerlac, HenryCopernicus and Aristotle's Cosmos
Gundersheimer, Werner L., ed.Select Chapters from French Humanism 1470-1600 (including: Three Interpretations of the French Renaissance / Henry Hornik; Printing in France and Humanism, 1470-80 / Rudolf Hirsch; What Parisians Read in the Sixteenth Century / H.J. Martin; Lyons and Geneva in the Sixteenth Century: The Fairs and Printing / Paul F. Geisendorf; The Humanist Idea of Christian Antiquity: Lefevre d'Etaples and His Circle / Eugene F. Rice, JR.
Haentjens, A.H.Remonstrantsche en Calvinistische Dogmatiek in Verband met Elkaar en met de Ontwikkeling van het Dogma
Hagen, KennethFrom Testament to Covenant in the Early Sixteenth Century
Hagen, KennethThe Problem of Testament in Luther's Lectures on Hebrews
Hagenbach, KarlZur Beantwortung der Frage Uber das Princip des Protestantismus
Hall, BasilCalvin Against the Calvinists
Hall, Joseph H.The Marrow Controversy: A Defense of Grace and the Free Offer of the Gospel
Hall, S.G.The Christology of Melito: A Misrepresentation Exposed
Hallett, AdrianThe Theology of John Calvin. Part 1: The Christian's Conflict with the World
Hallett, AdrianThe Theology of John Calvin. Part 2: The Christian's Conflict with the Flesh
Hallett, AdrianThe Theology of John Calvin. Part 3: The Christian's Conflict with the Devil
Halverson, JamesFranciscan Theology and Predestinarian Pluralism in Late-Medieval Thought
Hambrick-Stowe, Charles E.Whre is the Middle Way? A Study of the Luther-Erasmus Free Choice Debate
Hanson, R.P.C.The Arian Doctrine of the Incarnation
Hanson, R.P.C.Who taught ee oyk onton?
Harbin, Michael A.The Hermeneutics of Covenant Theology
Hargrave, O.T.The Freewillers in the English Reformation
Harman, Allan M.Speech about the Trinity: With Special Reference to Novatian, Hilary and Calvin
Harnack, AdolfReden und Aufsatze
Harris, RendelTatian: Perfection According to the Saviour
Hartvelt, Dr. G.P.Over de Methode der Dogmatiek In De Eeuw Der Reformatie
Hartvelt, Dr. G.P.Petrus Boquinus
Hauser, HenriEtudes sur la Reforme Francaise
Hawthorne, Gerald F.Tatian and His Discourse to the Greeks
Heim, D. KarlZur Geschichte der Satz von der doppelte Wahrheit
Heim, S. MarkPowers of God: Calvin and Late Medieval Thought
Helm, PaulCalvin and Bernard on Freedom and Necesssity: A Reply to Brummer
Helm, PaulCalvin and the Covenant:Unity and Continuity
Helm, PaulSynchronic Contingency Again
Helm, PaulSynchronic Contingency in Reformed Scholasticism A Note of Caution
Helm, PaulTime and Creation in Augustine's Confessions
Helm, PaulWas Calvin a Federalist?
Henderson, G.D.Dutch Influences in Scottish Theology
Henderson, G.D.Scotland and the Synod of Dort
Henderson, G.D.The Idea of the Covenant in Scotland
Henninger, MarkHenry of Harclay on the Formal Distinction in the Trinity
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White, PeterThe Rise of Arminianism Reconsidered: A rejoinder (May, 1987)
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Wolter, Allen B.Duns Scotus on the Natural Desire for the Supernatural
Wolter, Allen B.Scotus' Paris Lectures on God's Knowledge of Future Events
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Zimmermann, GunterGottesbund und Zwei-Reiche-Lehre bei Calvin und in den “Vindiciae contra tyrannos”
Zwingli, H.Premier Sermon de Zwingli a la Disputatio de Berne

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