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Research Projects

Research Projects

  • Wilhelmus à Brakel project—for studies in Nadie Reformatie
  • Peter van Mastricht project—for studies in Reformed Orthodoxy and piety (coming soon)
  • William Perkins project—for studies in English Puritanism (coming soon)
  • Matthew Poole project—for studies in 17th and 18th-century Biblical exegesis (coming soon)
  • Samuel Rutherford project—for studies in 17th and 18th century Scottish Presbyterianism (coming soon)

International cooperation positions the Puritan Research Center as a leading research partner.

Leading Research

The Puritan Research Center supports research of the Reformation and Post-reformation eras through its extensive collection of primary and secondary sources specializing in Dutch Nadere Reformatie, English Puritan, and American Puritan studies. International research cooperation, as well as in-house research projects, position the Puritan Research Center as a leading research center for Puritan and (Post) Reformation studies worldwide.