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ATS re-accreditation visit – scheduled for February 25-28, 2019

As of February 2014, PRTS has been fully accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS). The following degree programs offered at PRTS are approved by the Commission on Accrediting: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Theology (ThM), Master of Divinity (MDiv), and Master of Arts (MA).

PRTS is scheduled for an ATS recertification visit on February 25-28, 2019. One of the requirements for this visit is that the seminary communicate with you to provide an opportunity for you to forward in writing any issues related to PRTS’s qualifications for accreditation. These may be communicated to the ATS Accreditation Coordinators, Michael Barrett at [email protected] (616) 432-3412 or James Beeke at [email protected] (604) 794-7109. The Association of Theological Schools can be contacted by means of the following: writing to 10 Summit Park Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15275, telephone: (412) 788-6505, fax: (412) 788-6510, website:


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