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Hapdong Theological Seminary and Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Forge Partnership

PRESS RELEASE: Hapdong Theological Seminary, South Korea and Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, USA forge strategic partnership doctoral program

 CONTACT: Prof. Dr. Sang H. Ahns (안상혁 [email protected]), HTS Prof. Dr. Adriaan C. Neele ([email protected]), PRTS

For immediate release: November 15, 2018

Seoul / Grand Rapids—Hapdong Theological Seminary (“HTS”) and Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (“PRTS”) today announced a strategic partnership of the establishment of a double doctorate (PhD) degree program. This strategic partnership exemplifies the vision of the strengthening and sharing of resources in the service of the academy and church internationally.

The faculty of HTS and the faculty dedicated to the doctorate program of PRTS will support and share the responsibilities of supervising, coordination, and examining a researcher’s work towards a PhD degree. A double degree will be offered to students admitted in the joint program.

The joint doctorate program will serve as a research, education, and publications program for Biblical Studies and Historical Theology, and develop links with the academic community in South Korea and United States.

President Jung, Chang Kyoon, HTS, comments, “This joint PhD program will offer new opportunities for students and faculty exchange, share a joint vision based on the authority of God’s Word, and Reformed confessions with the realities of church and society in the 21st century.”

Since its inception in 1980, HTS has provided a holistic education and training to the workers of Christ’s church and His kingdom, focusing on a Biblical Reformed theology, Christian life of “Coram Deo,” and a healthy Reformed church.  HTS, as a center of Reformed learning, piety and spiritual formation, will continue to do what we have been doing-serving and embracing the world with the true knowledge of God, providing well-trained ministers of God’s Word equipped with both learning and piety, sending out kingdom workers and leaders who proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth. The seminary numbers about 300 students (MDiv, ThM, and PhD programs) and has 22 professors.

Joel R. Beeke, President of PRTS comments, “We trust that, by God’s grace, this joint doctorate program, which stresses both solid Reformed academic training and vital piety, will serve the church and the academy in unprecedented ways, strengthening the Reformed community worldwide.”

Begun in 1994, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is now an accredited educational institution for MA, MDiv, ThM, and PhD degrees. Its mission is to prepare students worldwide to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, and practical ministry.  The seminary has more than 150 students, ten professors, twenty globally renowned scholars as adjunct faculty, and a support staff of twelve.