Preparing students to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, and practical ministry.
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Our Mission is to provide research, education, and publications for the dissemination of Puritan, and Reformed resources serving Christ, His church, and the academy.

Puritan Research Center Distinctives

  • Leading research, education and publication for Puritan and (Post) Reformation studies
  • Internationally recognized research center
  • Support availability of primary and secondary resources for the majority world and beyond
  • Bringing distant communities and PRTS together through digital research, education, and publication
  • Strengthen the church and academy through leading research

Study at the PRC

The seminary advertises the Puritan Research Center in order to foster study of the Puritans by ministers, seminary professors, and theological students throughout the world. Those engaged in doctoral studies or on sabbatical leave are also welcome.

What we promote

The Puritan Research Center promotes research on the Nadere Reformatie and encourages international cooperation with like-minded interests such as: Documentatieblad Nadere Reformatie, Pietas Online, Stichting Studie der Nadere Reformatie, and the Dutch Reformed Translation Society.

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