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2020 Puritan Reformed Conference – Day Two

2020 Puritan Reformed Conference – Day Two
Had a great “yesterday” at the PRTS Conference. All the addresses (Barrett, Riccardi, Murray, VanDoodewaard) on various aspects of the law went well, as did the Q&A session with the speakers and the book sales.
One surprise highlight was when Wayne Anderson, who publishes Reformed books in Spanish via his publishing house, Faro de Garcia, presented Dr. Joel Beeke with a copy of “La Predicación Reformada”—a translation into Spanish of his book on Reformed experiential preaching published by Crossway (see picture).
The conference concludes this morning with Dr. Joel Beeke’s address on “The Puritans on the Grace of Law” (9:00 a.m.) and Dr. Jerry Bilkes’s address on “Law Death, Gospel Life” (10:45 a.m.).
We’d love to have you join us by livestream if you can’t join us in person: