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Congratulations to Mr. Ian Turner!

Congratulations to Mr. Ian Turner!
Congratulations to Mr. Ian Turner who successfully sustained his oral comprehensive exams yesterday. He now moves into the dissertation stage of his program. The title of his dissertation is “Take with You Words, and Return to the LORD: A Functional-Cognitive Approach to Understanding the Message of Hosea 12–14.” According to Dr. Daniel Timmer, “The dissertation uses a combination of linguistic tools to explore the coherence and complexity of a section of Hosea often judged to be incoherent and problematic. The project will situate its findings in biblical theology with an eye to applying Hosea’s message in contemporary contexts.” Dr. Timmer is supervising Ian Turner’s dissertation in Biblical Studies.
In the picture, from left to right, are Dr. Gerald Bilkes, Mr. Ian Turner, Dr. Daniel Timmer, and Dr. Michael Barrett. Not pictured are Dr. Eric Tully (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) and Dr. Stephen Dempster (Crandall University).