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New Online Academic Journal: Studies in Puritanism & Piety

News Release

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A new online ACADEMIC journal: Studies in Puritanism & Piety – a Transatlantic collaborative academic project

Global scholarship in Puritanism has turned the page with the launch of a new online academic journal Studies in Puritanism & Piety—a result of a collaboration between Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (USA), Queen’s University Belfast (UK), Theological University Apeldoorn (Netherlands), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Hersteld Hervormde Seminarium, The Netherlands.

The new publication is interdisciplinary and professionally refereed by an international editorial board, Sang Hyuck Ahn, Hapdong Theological Seminary (South Korea), Andreas J. Beck, Evangelical Theological Faculty Leuven (Belgium), Francis J. Bremer, University of Pennsylvania (USA), John Coffey, University of Leicester (United Kingdom), Lee Gatiss, The Church Society, Cambridge (United Kingdom), Johanna Harris, Exeter University (United Kingdom), Michael Haykin, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (USA), Paul C. H. Lim, Vanderbilt University (USA), Anthony Milton, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, Kenneth P. Minkema, Yale University, Jonathan Edwards Center (USA), Greg Salazar, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (USA), Alison Searle, University of Leeds (United Kingdom), and Willem van Vlastuin, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The editors Joel R. Beeke, Crawford Gribben, Adriaan C. Neele, Herman J. Selderhuis, and Jan van de Kamp welcome submissions from graduate students, young scholars, clergy, seminarians, and other enthusiasts in Puritanism.

In the inaugural issue, released November 2019, the editors of the journal said, “This inaugural issue of Studies in Puritanism and Piety is the product of a vision to create a forum for research and reflection on the Puritans in the post-Reformation world, making Puritan scholarship accessible to readers and providing opportunities for scholars to present their research.” This is the first modern professional periodical of its kind, devoted to the background, influences, lives, times, thought, and legacy of one of the most significant movements in history.

The journal, to be published in the spring and fall, will enhance research, education, and publication relating to Puritanism. The journal will consider submissions in four categories: articles (6,000-11,000 words), features (up to 2000 words), historical documents (primary source materials, up to 30 pages), and book reviews (350-1000 words). Submissions will be sent for review to scholars and authors who are specialists in the field of Puritanism or generalists in their disciplines. If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the editorial staff will then edit it to conform to SPP house style.

The inaugural issue features articles on Lay Leadership and the Foundations of American Congregationalism (Francis J. Bremer), The Process of Sanctification: A Bourdieusian Approach to the Declension of Power in New England Puritan Clergy (W. Scott Jackson), Jonathan Edwards Reads John Owen (Kenneth P. Minkema), “Oft Have I Seen Thee Look with Mercy’s Face”: A Brief Biography of John Cotton (Nathan Tarr), Fresh Directions in Rutherford Studies (Matthew Vogan), Puritan Preaching and Pathos: Some Uses from ‘Puritan Rhetoric’ (Maarten J. Kater), and Bunyan on the Christian Mind: Good Company and the Formation of Intellectual Virtue in The Pilgrim’s Progress (Will Tarnasky).