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Pastoral Opportunity in San Francisco, CA

Pastoral Opportunity in San Francisco, CA

Announcement of Open Pulpit Pending the Retirement of Our Current Pastor

The First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of San Francisco is committed to the regulative principle of worship and our congregation has sung exclusively from the Book of Psalms for Singing acapella circa 1985. Our church is in the Sunset neighborhood and two miles from the ocean to the west. The city and neighborhood is ethnically and culturally diverse offering a variety of ministry opportunities. The Sunset has a large Asian population and is fairly safe and conservative – relatively speaking. The congregation has been significantly impacted by the COVID pandemic. Historically, we have had weekly lunch gatherings following our morning service offering hospitality and fellowship to our members and visitors. We receive visitors from around the country and the world. We have a thirst for God’s Word, worship, and glory.

The manse occupies the top floor of the residence and multi purpose building(kitchen, fellowship hall, pastor’s study, nursery, storage) which is adjacent to the auditorium building and place of worship.

First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of San Francisco

Contact: Ruling Elder Ralph B. Montgomery
Phone: 415-678-6166