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The Most Important Things to Tell Your Children

The Most Important Things to Tell Your Children
In this short, 2-minute video, Joel Beeke talks about the time he was once assaulted in Eastern Europe and expected to die, and what happened when the thought entered his mind about what he would tell his children if he had one more chance to talk with them….

The Most Important Things to Tell Your Children

2020 Puritan Reformed Conference Early Bird Rate Extension

Due to high demand, the Early Bird Discount (50% off General Admission) for the 2020 Puritan Reformed Conference has been extended until end of day Wednesday, August 28. To qualify for this discount, simply go to and enter the promo code EARLYBIRD during checkout.

2020 Puritan Reformed Conference General Admission Early Bird Rate ends tonight

Today is the last day to take advantage of the 2020 Puritan Reformed Conference General Admission Early Bird Rate of only $75—which is 50% off the standard rate! After Saturday, August 24, the General Admission rate will increase to $115. To register online, or for more details, visit the 2020 Puritan Reformed Conference site:

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CONTACT:    Dr. Jonathon D. Beeke, Registrar <>

Dr. Adriaan C. Neele, Director Doctoral Program <>


For immediate release: July 15, 2019

Grand Rapids—Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (“PRTS”) today announced a fully-funded doctoral program for Biblical Studies and Historical Theology. In total eight to ten applicants will be admitted for an academic year.

Foundational to accredited doctoral program at PRTS is the academic and spiritual formation of the student.

Joel R. Beeke, President of PRTS comments, “We trust that, by God’s grace, this fully-funded doctorate program, which stresses both solid Reformed academic training and vital piety, will serve the church and the academy in unprecedented ways, strengthening the Reformed community worldwide.”

A five-member faculty dedicated to the PhD program work closely with doctoral students in academic formation—mentoring of course work, dissertation research topic, teaching, and publications, as well as in spiritual formation—guiding in preaching and in the reading of classic works on spirituality and piety. Students can engage in international scholarly discourse that demonstrates independent inquiry, primary source research, critical reflection, analysis, and articulation of academic research. The robust program that can be completed on and off campus. Those serving at faculties of theology, seminary, bible schools, and churches from around the world and would greatly benefit from a PhD degree program are invited to apply.

Begun in 1994, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is now an accredited educational institution for MA, MDiv, ThM, and PhD degrees. Its mission is to prepare students worldwide to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, and practical ministry.  The seminary numbers more than 150 students, has ten professors, twenty globally renowned scholars as adjunct faculty, and a support staff of twelve.

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