Conference: “Puritan Wisdom for Family Life”

March 2-4: Please Join Us!

Grace Community Church
2320 Heybourne Road
Minden, NV, 89423

Come and learn about the wisdom and Biblical insight offered to us by our spiritual forefathers.

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Happy (belated) birthday Dr. Beeke!

Saturday morning my Queen told me that she was taking me some place special for breakfast and with an uncharacteristic firmness she said, “Don’t ask me any questions!” Well, it turned out to be a surprise 65th-brithday breakfast put on by PRTS and RHB. After a delicious breakfast, Steve Renkema spoke some meaningful, precious words to me on behalf of RHB, as did Chris Hanna on behalf of PRTS, and then they gave me this wonderful gift of an old painting in which Oliver Cromwell is defending the Waldenses. Then they showed this video of some of my best friends around the world wishing me birthday blessings: Geoff Thomas, Steve Lawson, Ian Hamilton, Scott Brown, Derek Thomas, and Sinclair Ferguson. The video nearly broke me down. After that Steve Renkema then thanked my children for being such a blessing to us as parents. After all of this, when I stood up to speak a word of thanks for a wonderful time together, I couldn’t hold it together. The contrast between my unworthiness and the goodness and covenant mercies of God to me in my family, at PRTS and RHB, and in the church, just overwhelmed me. Finally, I was able to stammer a few words of thanks. “O that men would praise the LORD for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” (Ps. 107, refrain).

Exam week at PRTS

Another exam week at PRTS has come to an end! Pray God that He would richly bless the study of our students.

Coming in 2019: A Puritan Documentary entitled “Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God.”

Pictured here is Dr. Joel Beeke with Media Gratiae director Matthew Robinson, director Stephen McCaskell, writer Barry Cooper, and Sales and Marketing Manager at Reformation Heritage Books David Woollin. They spent the day working on the script to an upcoming documentary that RHB is producing in partnership with Media Gratiae. The film will be called “PURITAN: All of Life to the Glory of God,” and we are anticipating a 2019 release. Please pray for us as we enter the production phase of the project in the new year, and watch this space for updates!

What is Repentance?

Repentance is a 180-degree turn of our lives from sin back to God because he has given us a new birth. To learn more, watch this short video by our president, Dr. Joel Beeke.

What is Repentance?

PRTS Hosting Two Major Meetings on Its Campus

On November 14-16, PRTS will host the 43rd annual meeting of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC). Delegates and their guests from fifteen denominations associated with NAPARC will be present for the annual meetings. They include the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, the Canadian Reformed Churches, the Reformed Church of Quebec, the Free Reformed Churches of North America, the Heritage Reformed Congregations, the Korean American Presbyterian Church (KAPC), the Korean Presbyterian Church in America, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church in America, the Presbyterian Reformed Church, the Reformed Church in the United States, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, the United Reformed Churches in North America, the Protestant Reformed Church (PRC), and the Bible Presbyterian Church.

On October 16 and 17, PRTS hosted both the annual Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries Board of Directors Meeting and the association’s Commission on Accreditation Commissioners Meeting. Both member (m) and affiliate member (am) schools were present for the board meeting. Those present were Sangre de Cristo Seminary (m), Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (m), Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (m), Birmingham Theological Seminary (m), Western Reformed Seminary (m), Geneva Reformed Seminary (m), New Geneva Theological Seminary (m), Metro Atlanta Seminary (m), Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary (am), Grace Bible Institute (am), Heidelberg Theological Seminary (am), Reformed Baptist Seminary (am), Universidad Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano (am), and Whitefield Theological Seminary (am).

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Joel Beeke publishes his 100th book!

“Since this subject has been so dear to my heart, and I have also had the privilege of counseling many people about assurance for more than forty years, I rather nostalgically like to think that it is not by chance that this is also the 100th book I have written or co-authored. Ever since being a teenager I have often felt closest to God when I write, so yes, I am a compulsive writer—and I trust for the souls of others as well—hopefully including yours! Please read this book yourself and provide copies to any Christian you know who struggles with knowing and growing in personal assurance of faith. God bless you.”

Purchase the book for only $10.00 at Reformation Heritage Books.

2017 Reformation Rally – Redeemer University College (Ancaster, Ontario, CA)

You are warmly invited to join Dr. Joel R. Beeke at Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario, on October 27 (8:00 p.m.) where he will be speaking, D.V., on ten reasons why the Reformation is important today. A good variety of books on the Reformation will also be available that evening at rock-bottom prices. For more information, please contact John Bouwers at

Student Housing Project – Approved by City of GR

We are excited to announce that PRTS received approval from the Grand Rapids City Planning Commission to build student housing on our campus!

Our plan is to build sixteen two-bedroom apartments, six in one building and ten in another. The location is just west of our main campus at 2919 Leonard Street NE. Engineering and architectural drawings have been commissioned. Fund raising has started for this essential PRTS project. If you are interested in financially supporting this project, please contact Chris Hanna at or 1-616-432-3407.